CNC Routers
Machine plastics, hardwoods, solid surface, non-ferrous metals and more.
CNC routing use has grown dramatically over the last two decades, primarily fueled by the advent of affordable automation into smaller businesses and specialty shops. The versatility and efficiency of CNC routing has found its way to both niche and mass-production suppliers. Major industries are utilizing the latest in nested-based parts production to grow their businesses and expand their capabilities.
CNT Motions’ CNC routers are ideally suited for:
  • Residential and commercial woodworking
  • Fabricating plastics and composites
  • Shaping and inlaying solid surface or granite counter tops
  • Machining non-ferrous metals and
  • Much more.

    The flexibility of CNT’s product engineering enables us to design custom routers for truly unique needs. Material-specific fixturing solutions, modified table configurations and specialized software has enabled CNT customers to produce specialty parts for a wide variety of markets.

    Typical CNC router accessories include:
  • Collet-style and drilling/boring spindles
  • ISO30, ISO40 and HSKF63 automatic tool changer kits
  • Tooling for specialized materials and applications;
  • Material Hold-Down Systems, including T-slot decking, thru-vacuum, gasketed vacuum and zone system; and
  • Dust collection systems.

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    Visit the CNT-950 Series and CNT-1000 Series pages for router details and specifications.


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